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30 years ago, this inspiring success story began when a group of young Saudis decided to start their own business. The idea of creating a sandwich restaurant offering a unique menu, made with fresh, locally sourced, ingredients, that was different to what people in Saudi Arabia were used to, was an important pillar to ensure success of the project. The idea of preparing each meal right in front of the customer’s eyes was also the key to Kudu's success. The founders of Kudu have been able to create a new and unique dining experience in Saudi Arabia. We can say with great pride that we have been able to create a special concept of success that has transformed into a phenomenon called Kudu, and it is considered one of the most important trademarks in Saudi Arabia.

Today, with more than 300 branches across Saudi Arabia, we are proud to be the pioneers of food transformation in Saudi Arabia.

At Kudu, we offer training courses for our employees to ensure that they provide the best service and highest quality to our customers. We also strive to instill our values across all our employees at all levels.

We have been able to achieve the highest standards of quality and efficiency through intensive training programs for employees and implementing management systems at the highest level to understand all needs of customers and cater to their expectations. We have been certified ISO 9001: 2005 and the HACCP SQF 2000, both of which are internationally recognized in business assessment.

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