Thank you for your interest in joining the Kudu Restaurant chain through our franchise program.

Since 1988, Kudu has maintained its position as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in Saudi Arabia with more than 300 branches across the Kingdom. Kudu’s success and strength come from its constant desire to satisfy customers with delicious fresh ingredients and high quality recipes delivered through an open kitchen environment. It’s commitment to quality and the constant endeavor to deliver satisfaction to its customers has made Kudu a well-recognized and truly respected brand.

International Franchise

  1. Complete the application for information through our website

    Once the application is received, a member of Kudu's Franchising Development and Support Team will contact you to discuss the potential of you opening Kudu branch in your area. Following the discussion, you will receive an email with a link to submit a confidential online request.

    Upon completion of the application, you will receive detailed instructions on how to download and review the franchise disclosure document (FDD). This enables us to complete the study of your file in order to provide a detailed statement of your investment, financial performance, other administrative matters that support you, a statement of profit and loss for owned or managed sites, cost structure, and contact information of all of our franchisees.

  2. Meeting your area representative

    In order to speed up the process, we will be send your request to the Kudu representative in charge of development in your area. He will contact you to discuss everything in detail and support you in setting up operations and will ensure continued success of the project. Once you become a Kudu franchisee, the area representative will provide you with training and guidance throughout the franchise period.

  3. Attending the induction sessions

    Since Kudu is keen to build strong relationships among candidates from different areas, the induction sessions are held at Kudu headquarter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia once a month and all franchise candidates are invited to attend. They will meet with heads of departments and management and learn about the history of the company, its relationship with employees, customers, and learn more about the market in general. Candidates will also gain an understanding of ideas and strategies and the support they can get.

    This will be a busy day filled with useful information about your future partners. Therefore, each candidate regardless to background or experience, must be trained at one of our restaurants once a week before obtaining the franchise. This will give you a great insight into the requirements of owning a Kudu franchise and operating restaurants, and an opportunity to pick up ideas and skills including advertising and marketing for your restaurant.

  4. Conclusion of the Franchise Agreement

    After completing the creditworthiness and background checks, we will issue the Franchise Agreement, and after reviewing and signing it you will become a Kudu franchisee!

  5. Find the right site & execute the lease

    Your district representative and real estate agent will work with you to find the right location. They will then help you submit the site documents to the Real Estate Department for final site approval. Once you get the approval, you can begin negotiating terms of the site rental and concluding the lease. Finally, you will work with the approved contractor to build your Kudu restaurant (Kudu does not do the development itself unless it is a transaction of at least five locations).

  6. Opening your Kudu Restaurant!

    Your district representative and your team in Kudu will work with you to ensure customer satisfaction and provide a memorable experience with Kudu, so that customers keep coming to the restaurant time after time.

Franchise Program for Entrepreneurship

Kudu's mission and vision for the Franchise Project is to support small and medium enterprises and to clarify company's work. This is part of the community partnership and directly supports the youth of the country. Through our collaboration with our partners (community's leaders and intellectuals from government agencies and Saudi universities), we have designed a unique model of franchise that provides full support to entrepreneurs to start their businesses and to operate in Saudi Arabia. For more information, please click here.

What we offer entrepreneurs

Financial support: Kudu franchisees can obtain loans once they obtain a franchise license through the Business Development Program provided by the Saudi Development Bank. This ensure that they pass this stage without any financial hurdles.

Training support: Candidates will receive on-the-job training at Kudu restaurants, and learn on how to provide the best customer service in the future. In addition, the candidate will receive free business, finance and operations training courses from our Saudi University partners such as King Saud University, Al-Faisal University and Al-Yamamah University.

Operational and logistics support: Kudu chain of restaurants will offer a range of important services that provide immediate support to partners, from supervising the site selection based on market conditions to logistical support and operational services, and the necessary marketing.


  • Coca Cola
  • Al-Yamamah University
  • King Saud University
  • Al-Faisal University
  • Social Development Bank

Restaurant models and platforms

  • A stand-alone restaurant.
  • A restaurant within a building.
  • A restaurant within a mall.
  • A mobile restaurant.